Latest Updates

Shift Leaders (10/7 – 10/9)

Thursday Jojo Kappil 8P – 2A

Friday Bre Smith 8P – 2A

Saturday Caleb Courshorn 8P – 2A

Shift leaders handle all operating activities during their shift. Breakdowns, questions, late to shift, etc. should be sent to the shift leader that evening. DO NOT message Jackie unless it’s an emergency.

Events this week

Koe Wetzel @ Amp – Friday 7p


Driver Appreciation Party

Our Rounders party will be Monday 10/18 @8p. Septembers top 15 drivers will be on our bar tab, but everyone is welcome to come!

Home Game Availability

Add your name to the list on the bulletin board for the home games you know you’ll want to work

Cold Weather

Start gathering your cold weather gear. Layers are best compared to one big jacket, bring a hat and gloves, and keep all your gear in a bag so you don’t forget anything! We have blankets for drivers to purchase for $5 each. If you want one, send Jackie a GroupMe message

Driver FAQ

Cart Changes

If your cart breaks down or you need to switch for some reason, check the schedule posted on the driver room door. It’ll also be on the bulletin board. You can take a cart that isn’t scheduled for your shift time. Write your new cart number on the schedule.

Breakdowns & Cart Issues

Write ALL cart issues on the ‘cart issues’ board in the shop. This includes lights being out, changed tire or belt, etc. If your cart breaks down Tuesday – Saturday between 9A – 6P, do not get a push back. Write in the Work Related group what the issue is and Scott will help. Outside of those hours, you’ll need to get a pushback.

***Your cart needs to be in NEUTRAL for this. Move the shifter in-between forward and reverse

Semester Passes

Passes are swiped through the Square reader. The digits on the back can be entered if it won’t swipe properly. The passes can’t be entered as payment into the EverTransit app, so cancel the ride or mark it as paid with cash if they want to pay with semester pass.

Cash/Cash Drop

DO NOT enter each payment of cash you receive. Your cash amount should be input to Square once at the end of your shift. The Cash Drop poster in the driver room tells you step-by-step how to enter it correctly

If you’re carrying a lot of cash you can make a drop during your shift.

Each bag of cash in the safe should have a corresponding Square input

Don’t make a Square input if you have no cash.


Don’t wait more than 10 minutes after you’ve marked ‘arrived’ for passengers to come. After the 5 minute grace period and before you cancel the ride send Jackie a screenshot of the ride so she can charge them.

If you accept rides made in-advance, set an alarm. The app won’t remind you. Double check the date and time to be sure you’re working that shift.

We don’t accept any in-advance reservations through EverTransit on home game days unless it is for a VIP Reservation. The app will mark the service as VIP


If our tank is out you can fill up at a gas station. Save your receipt, write your name on it, and put it into the safe at the end of your shift.


Campus tours must be scheduled through our booking site. If someone is wanting to be driven around for a short tour, accept it on a case-by-case basis. If it’s busy out, you’ll make more money giving rides than doing a tour. Campus tours are $30/person, but you can charge any reasonable price if passengers want to do a quick tour.

Free Rides/Bar Courtesy

Absolutely no one rides for free. Any bar employees saying they get courtesy are wrong.