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Shift Leaders

The shift leader for the night will be listed on Homebase but they’ll also post an announcement prior to the night shift.

Shift leaders handle all operating activities during their shift. Breakdowns, questions, late to shift, etc. should be sent to the shift leader that evening. Only message Bryan if it’s an emergency and the shift leader is not responding.

Events this month: 


  • The commencement address is 20 minutes, then they start passing out degrees starting with the smart people…So people will start coming out after 30 mintues that’s why Graduation is so busy….there’s a non-stop flow of grads going in and grads coming out


  • Side streets are our friends. Use 7th, 8th, 9th and 13th to go east/west. Use Queen city, Gene Stallings, Red Drew and Wallace Wade to go North/South. Frank Thomas is not our friend tho….don’t get stuck on there
  • A lot of people park at Central High School and that mall by Meador. that’s a good spot to get rides. Also try the new bridge and parking lots on the other side. 
  • There’s also success in just shuttling people to the parking deck across the street….this is quick and if they balk at paying $5 per person then just bargain with them. Remember, the job is to make money.
  • If someone asks to ride around and see the campus charge them $150. Because with traffic that’ll take 2 hours and you can make that at $5 per person. Don’t sell yourself short.
  • We’ll get a lot of requests to the Home2suites hotel…’s past lurleen but we can get there. Just go behind the Embassy suites and there’s a road that goes under Lurleen. We passed out a lot of flyers and biz cards so if you need a ride….go to a hotel.
  • Saturday night is when EVERYBODY goes out. These people have money to spend and since there’s nothing to spend it on (aka: gameday/tickets/tailgating/etc) they’ll spend it on US if we give them a good time and get them where they want to go.
  • This weekend is what gets Joyride thru the summer months so let’s please try and make as much money as possible. These carts are getting more and more expensive to fix due to supply chain and inflation. Plus our insurance went way up this year because of so many accidents last year so please drive safe.Announcements

New Front Door Lock

We got a new lock, so everyone needs to do their fingerprints again. Let Bryan know that you’re coming by to do them.


Until a new GM is hired, Bryan (the owner) will be filling in.

Basketball Games

See Driver FAQ

Driver FAQ


Pay period is 2 weeks (Sun-Sat). Checks are available after 5pm on the Tuesday following the 2 week pay period.

Basketball Games

  • Use the Coliseum Dr loop for drop offs & pickups or Coliseum St behind the track stadium off Hackberry
  • Big parking lot and road east of Sewell Stadium is for buses ONLY
  • The other side of the bridge is an opportunity for easy rides to get people planning to park and walk over
  • UA said the soccer lots & parking deck will be where most pickups are
  • Try to set up a pick up after the game & get their contact info. They’ll tip well

Parking Carts

The back wall of the shop is for 8-seaters only. Don’t park carts against the wall. When the carts are parked closely then they’ll all fit lined up diagonally. If you have to park against the wall get them out of the way as much as you can.

Cart Changes

If your cart breaks down or you need a different one for some reason, check the schedule on Homebase to see which carts are open during your shift. You can take a cart that isn’t scheduled for your shift time. Post the cart you are taking in the Work Related. If there aren’t any carts available you can always ask if someone wants to go home and give you their cart.

Breakdowns & Cart Issues

Orange cone on the cart means it’s broken. Put a cone on your cart if it broke – dead headlight, broken mirror etc. doesn’t count as broken.

Write ALL cart issues on the ‘cart issues’ board in the shop. This includes lights being out, changed tire or belt, etc. If your cart breaks down Monday – Friday between 9A – 6P, don’t get a push back unless told to do so. Write in the Work Related group what the issue is and Scott will help. Outside of those hours, you’ll need to get a pushback.

***Your cart needs to be in NEUTRAL for this. Put the shifter between forward and reverse

Semester Passes

Passes are swiped through the Square reader. The digits on the back can be entered if it won’t swipe properly. The passes can’t be entered as payment into the EverTransit app, so cancel the ride or mark it as paid with cash if they want to pay with semester pass.


If our tank is out you can fill up at a gas station. Save your receipt, write your name on it, and put it into the safe at the end of your shift.


Campus tours must be scheduled through our booking site. If someone is wanting to be driven around for a short tour, accept it on a case-by-case basis. If it’s busy out, you’ll make more money giving rides than doing a tour. Campus tours are $35/person, but you can charge any reasonable price if passengers want to do a quick tour.

Free Rides/Bar Courtesy

Absolutely no one rides for free. Any bar employees saying they get courtesy are wrong.