Low-Speed Vehicle Ordinance:


Sec. 23-105. – Conduct of drivers.

A driver of LSV taxicabs shall at all times:

(1) Act in a reasonable, prudent, safe and courtesies manner;

(2) Not permit a person not possessing a chauffer’s license to operate the LSV taxicab or exercise

control over the LSV taxicab;

(3) Not permit more passengers to be carried in an LSV taxicab than the number of approved

seatbelts installed in the LSV taxicab, and at no time shall the driver allow passengers to ride in

any area of the LSV taxicab not specifically designed or designated as a seat;

(4) Not permit any passenger twelve (12) years of age or younger to ride in the LSV taxicab

unaccompanied by an adult;

(5) Travel only roads with speed limits that do not exceed thirty-five (35) miles per hour;

(6) Not operate an LSV taxicab in excess of twenty-five (25) miles per hour;

(7) Not operate an LSV taxicab while under the influence of intoxicating beverages or drugs;

(8) Observe and obey all state and local traffic laws and regulations;

(9) Not permit a passenger to stand or ride on any part of the LSV taxicab other than the

designated seating area while the LSV taxicab is motion, and to advise the passengers that

they must be seated except when loading or unloading;

(10) Wear a seatbelt at all times the LSV taxicab is operation;

(11) Not operate outside the area of operation defined in Section 23-107;

(12) Not permit the consumption of alcohol, or possession of open containers by passengers.

(13) Drivers of LSV taxicabs shall be responsible for the security of the ignition key. Any time a low

vehicle speed taxicab is unattended the key shall be removed from the ignition and kept in the

possession of the authorized driver.

(14) No driver of an LSV taxicab shall use or hold [a] mobile electronic device for any purpose

while the LVS taxicab is in motion, unless such use is exclusively by a hands-free device.

(15) A LSV taxicab driver shall immediately report any accident that results in property damage or

personal injury to local law enforcement.

(16) The driver of an LSV taxicab will ensure that the general requirements of Section 23-108

(conduct of passengers) are reasonably conveyed to each passenger of the LSV taxicab prior to

service and/or conspicuously posted in the LSV taxicab so that forward and rear facing

passengers can easily read the signage from their respective seats.

(17) The driver of an LSV taxicab will take all reasonable steps to ensure passenger compliance

with Section 23-108 (conduct of passengers) and may refuse service to a passenger who fails

or refuses to comply with Section 23-108.


Sec. 23-107. – Area of operation; fares.

(a) LSV taxicabs are prohibited from operating outside of the following area:

(1) East of, but not including Lurleen Wallace Blvd. North, except north of University Blvd. LSV

taxicabs are permitted east of 28 th Ave.

(2) West of, but not including, McFarland Blvd.,

(3) North of, but not including, 15 th Street,

(4) South of, but not including, Jack Warner Parkway, except that LSV taxicabs are permitted on Jack

Warner Parkway between 21 st Avenue and 28 th Avenue.

(5) LSV taxicabs may travel under the Lurleen Wallace Blvd. overpass, but shall not cross the surface

portion of Lurleen Wallace Blvd.

(b) Any fare charged by a LSV taxicab shall be on a per person, per ride basis and shall be clearly



Sec. 23-108. – Conduct of passengers.

A passenger of LSV taxicabs shall:

(1) Keep their seatbelt properly fastened while the LSV taxicab is in motion.

(2) Keep all portions of their body and possessions within the LSV taxicab while in motion.

(3) Refrain from loud and vociferous behavior.

(4) Refrain from consuming alcohol or possessing any open containers.

(5) Refrain from making contact with the LSV taxicab driver or controls of the LSV taxicab.

(Ord. No. 8829, § 1, 7-2-19)


Further Instructions

– Your chauffer’s license is valid for two (2) year from the date it is received. The expiration date

will be on your hard copy of your license.

– While you are driving, you must have your license visible in the vehicle. It can be on your

person (worn around your neck) or it can be displayed in the LSV where it is visible to the

passengers (such as hanging from a mirror).

– At Amphitheater events, you may pass the police barricades safely and slowly. However, on

football game days, the barricades cannot be passed.

If you have any further questions or need any clarification, you can email me at

hdavidso@tuscaloosa.com or call me at 205-248-4657. Thanks

Officer H. Davidson

Tuscaloosa LSV Permit Application

Below is the official application for a low-speed vehicle driver permit. Please carefully review the city ordinance and regulations and complete the form below. Once you submit the form you will be emailed a copy for your records.

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  • List dates as accurately as you can along with the year. Also list the city/state where they occurred.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 20 MB, Max. files: 3.
    • Please submit a well framed headshot for your permit similar to your driver's license photo.
      Max. file size: 10 MB.